Partners of Transexuals

This site is designed for the partners of transexuals. Whether you are male or female, gay, straight or bi, if your partner is a pre-op, post-op, or non-op transexual then this site is for you. While this site is not designed to fill the need of transexuals involved with other transexuals, you are welcome to use the resources listed here, unless otherwise listed.

First some definitions:

Transexual (TS)

Someone who believes that the body they were born with does not match the gender that they believe they are supposed to be, or feel that they are inside.

Transgender (TG)

Any person who "plays with gender". For example: drag queens, cross dressers, drag kings, transexuals, transvestites and intersexed people are all transgendered.


A transexual who has not yet had surgery but is planning to. Usually during the "real life test".


A transexual who has had some or all of their SRS.


A transexual who is not planning on having surgery. Usually they are living part or full-time as the desired gender. Sometimes they are not having surgery because they choose not to and sometimes because they are a surgical risk (or have some other medical condition) and cannot find a doctor to take them on as a patient.

Real Life Test (RLT)

The Harry Benjamin Standards of Care require that all transexuals live for a minimum of one year as the desired gender before surgery. Click here to read the 1990 Standards of Care.

Standards of Care;
The Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association

Harry Benjamin was one of the first doctors to do SRS. In 1979 a group of care givers (psychologists, physicians, etc.) and he wrote up a list of guidelines for care givers. To find out more visit the HBIGDA site.


Sex reassignment surgery, sometimes also known as gender reassignment surgery.

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I invite your comments and suggestions on this page. Please realize it is still under construction and I hope to add more information on a regular basis. I am thinking of starting an email list for partners only. If you are interested in this, please let me know. Sue Long

Standards of Care

Jewish Orthodox Transexuals

Children of Transexuals