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There are millions of children around the world with at least one transexual parent. No matter what you think of what the parents have done these children are innocents and deserve our support. No child should ever be subjected to ridicule by their peers, but especially not because of who their parents are. Despite there being reliable scientific research that having a parent disappear out of a child's life is far more damaging to the child then having contact with a TS parent, courts often will side with a non-TS parent and deny all visitation to a TS parent post-transition or allow visitation with the cavat that the parent not reveal their identity to the child. Studies have shown that knowing a parent is TS is not at all damaging to the child, if the non-TS parent is supportive and understanding. This page is still under construction. In the future I hope to have writings and artwork by the children of transexuals. You can submit to me at or click here. I also hope to be able to publish all of the scientific literature on children of transexuals. At the moment this is a small amount of literature but together we can make it grow.

Standards of Care

Jewish Orthodox Transexuals

Children of Transexuals