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Orthodox Judaism and Transexuality

Many people think this page is incongruous. After all, who ever heard of an Orthodox Jewish Transexual? Well, beleive it or not there are several. As an Orthodox Jew and the partner of an Orthodox Jewish transexual I feel the need to make the need to raise the awareness of other Jews of this issue.

In the case of the MTF transexual there are a number of halachot making life even more difficult than it already is. You will find a few articles on Jewish Law and Transexuality here, as well as a link to a list specifically designed for Orthodox Jewish transexuals. I am always looking for more information on the subject and I encourage anyone interested in the subject matter to write to me. I also encourage Rabbis who actually have looked into the law on the subject to write to me. I am not interested in posting opinions of Rabbis without research behind them but I will consider posting well researched pieces that do not necessarily agree with my opinion on the subject.

In terms of community, I know of no community specifically for Orthodox transexuals. There is an email list for Orthodox transexuals called Dina. Go to the Dina list page.

Here are two papers both written by Beth Orens discussing the halachic issues of Jewish transexuals in general and male to female transexuals in particular.

Standards of Care

Jewish Orthodox Transexuals

Children of Transexuals